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"EP" (2014)


Everyday Prophets is a five piece Reggaetronic Rock group based out of Portland, OR that has been gaining regional and national popularity since 2002. They have recorded six studio albums and one live album, and played live from coast to coast. Everyday Prophets hosts an annual music festival in Richmond, IN called Prophets Fest.

Prophets Fest

Prophets Fest is a music and camping event south of Richmond, IN showcasing Rock, Reggae, Funk, Bluegrass and Electronic Music. Come and join us in the midwest this year!


This is a large portion of our recorded music. If you'd like to support us, feel free to hit up iTunes or CD Baby (for hard copies).


Everyday Prophets' song "Winning Game" featured in Quadrocopter demo video, "Autumn over Whitefish Mountain Resort with the Cinestar."




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